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Brief History of Land Transportation in Brunei Darussalam

  • In 1907, the first footpath has been build between Residency and Brunei Town at Jalan Subok
  • In 1914, a 60 miles distance pilot scheme has been constructed to communicated Brunei Town and Kuala Belait.
  • In 1924, the Road Traffic Regulations were firstly introduced under Chapter 68 of Brunei Laws called "Traction Engines and Motor Cars Enactment 1924".
  • A total of 21 unit vehicles were firstly registered in 1926.
  • In 1928, the government bus services has been launched from Tutong District and Belait District at a distance of 35 miles.
  • In 1929, a total of 45 unit of vehicles has been registered and 58 drivers have been issued a driving license by the Police Department.
  • In 1930 the number of vehicle registered increases up to 73 units.
  • By 1950, a total of 1500 vehicles have been registered ( 975 register at Kuala Belait and 225 vehicles register at Brunei Muara District ) and 2048 driving licenses has been issued.
  • In 1954, "TRACTION ENGINE AND MOTOR CARS ENACTMENT 1924" has been amended and known as the "The Road Traffic Enactment 1954" administrated by Chief Police Officer the Controller of land Transport.
  • By 1960, totals of 7992 vehicles have been registered and 7519 driving licenses have been issued with a total income of $294,212.00.
  • The Land Transport Department was established on Ist January, 1962 administered by his first Controller Inche Abd Ghani bin Jamil. Prior to this, the above responsibility was administered by Royal Brunei Police.
  • On 1st January, 1963 the register of bicycle has been discontinued.
  • By January 1969 it was transfered to a one story building at Km 5 Jalan Gadong, which is now known as Brunei / Muara District branch. This department earned $671,829.00 for the first year.
  • On 25th July 1996, The Land Transport Department again transferred to a new 5 story building at Km 6 Beribi Jalan Gadong.

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