The Government of Brunei Darussalam

Mission, Functions  Tasks & Organisation Chart

To provide transportation infrastructure and services for the mobility of goods and people within Brunei Darussalam and from neighboring countries.


    • Enhancing Traffic Safety
    • Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles and Trailers
    • Standardisation, Driving Test and Licensing Drivers
    • Standardisation, Road Worthiness and Technical Inspection of Motor Vehicles and Trailers
    • Law and Regulation Enforcement of Road Traffic
    • Planning and Control of Public and Goods Transportation
    • Coordinates the Planning of Roads and Traffic Management
    • Revenue Collection i.e. Road Tax and Other Services Fees

Main Tasks

    • Registration of Motor Vehicles and Trailers
    • Licensing of Motor Vehicles and Trailers (Issuing Road Tax)
    • Inspection of Motor Vehicle and Trailers
    • Road Traffic Law/Regulations (Highway Code) and Driving Test
    • Licensing Drivers (Issuing Driving Licences)
    • Enforcement of Compliance with the Provision of the Road Traffic Act, its Rules and Regulations and Safety Standards
    • Accrediting Vehicle Workshops
    • Permit Approval of Public and Goods Transport (Commercial Vehicles)
    • Planning, Monitoring and Supervision of Public Transport Services
    • Coordination of Planning roads and Traffic Management
    • Approved Importation of Motor Vehicles and Trailers
    • Issuing Salesman Card and Trade Plates Licence for Car Dealers
    • Tendering Out Registration Numbers
    • Secretariat of The National Road Safety Council Brunei Darussalam
    • Monitoring Driving Schools


          Organisation Chart


Their Responsible as below:-


Corporate Services

Responsible to internal customer on Finance Administration


Public and Commercial Transport

Responsible for Sustainable Development of Public Transport System Promoting widespread usage of modes of transport ensure public transport service operators provide a more integrated, efficient, safe and reasonably priced public transport system


Traffic, Health, Safety and Education Management

Responsible for addressing Road and Driver Safety.

Ensure Effective Traffic Management System,

Promote Best Practice.


Vehicle Inspection, Licensing and Services

Responsible for all vehicles registration and licensing. Driver license renewal. Certification and licensing of vehicles.


Transportation and Departmental Strategy

Responsible for establishing holistic transportation guidelines and policy, provide an integrated approach to the planning of transport systems. Liaison with international and Regional partnerships and monitor commitment and obligations. Assist in firming up all legal framework. Develop HR framework and support Business Operation.


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