The Government of Brunei Darussalam

Roles & Programs

Recommendation for future application by franchise fleet quota arrangement and short term rental for public service private vehicle:

No tax exemption 20% import duty.
Licence will be issue with specified under temporary transfer no of limit.
Licence associate with number plate.
Ownership liability.
Private owner vehicle can be hire
Chargers registration fee.

Infrastructural Development:

Roads, Highways and Bridges.
- Pan-Borneo Highway.
- Rasau Bridge
- Transportation Fleet.
- Other Facilities.
- Bus Terminals, Interchange & Shelter.

Future Plans:

Bus Express/ Inter District & Inter-City.
Public Bus for Belait, Tutong & Temburong.
Additional of Bus terminals & interchanges.

International Relation And Cooperation:

1. Bilateral arrangements with Governments of Malaysia and Indonesia:

To facilitate the movement cross border and to protect the
people and respecting each other Laws & Regulations.

2. Understanding among ASEAN member countries:
Harmonization of Rules & Regulations related to Safety Standards of Motor Vehicle.


Roadworthiness certificate. Weight Bridge.
Entry points. Immigration.
Custom. Rest & Relax area.
International Circulation Permit (ICP).

Safety and Environmental Care:

Driver testing. Installation of Speed Warning
Stand-By drivers for Bus. Device, Speed Limiter & Third Brake Light
National Road Safety Council. Hazardous Material.
Approved workshop program. Emission Control

Road Safety Campaign 1998

1. Make everyone "SEE" Safety.

    • By "Road side billboards" rear bus panels and Media.

2. Let every one "HEAR" Safety.

    • through radio, television, talks, seminar and remarks
    • Enforcing safety issues and messages "Anti Accident"
    • In Education Institutions, Offices and at any construction sites.

3. Let every one "DO" safety.

    • via "Anti Accident" Drawing Competition and Poster
    • Design Competition.
    • Presenting Awards to "Best Workshop", "Best Driver" and "Best Instructor"

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