The Government of Brunei Darussalam


Services at LTD

At Head Office:
Land Transport Department,
Head Office Building,
Jalan Gadong,
Beribi, BE 1110
Brunei Darussalam

1. Technical Services:

    • Application for Importation of Vehicles /Trailers
    • Technical specification Inspection for new model/ imported/ re -registered vehicles or trailers (type approval)
    • Application for Modification of Vehicles (engine replacement, rim sport, grills etc)
    • Application for Accreditation of Vehicle Workshop

2. Registration and Licensing services:

    • Registration of New or Imported (used) Vehicle/trailer
    • Licensing New or Imported (used) Vehicle/trailer (Issuance of New Road Tax Licence)
    • Suspension of Vehicle Registration Numbers
    • Retention of Vehicle Registration Numbers
    • Application of Old Registration Numbers
    • Tendering out Registration Numbers (closed tender & open tender)
    • Vehicle Administration Services - application for non-used, export, condemnation etc
    • Renewal of Road Tax Licence
    • Transfer of Ownership Endorsement on Registration Card (Loan, Ceased etc)
    • Duplicates of Registration Card and Road Tax Label
    • Vehicle Information Services

3. Office of Motor Transport Licencing Authority:

    • Application for Commercial Vehicle Permits
    • Public Transportation Affairs

4. Driving Schools Affairs

5. Issuance of Vocational Driving Licence

6. Confirmation of Local Driving Licence to Foreign Countries

7. Complaint Management

8. Closed-Tender Registration Numbers Box

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